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Guardrail:  Installation & Repair 

In traffic engineering, guardrails prevent vehicles from veering off the roadway into oncoming traffic, crashing against solid objects or falling off the roadway into a hazard. A secondary objective is keeping the vehicle upright while deflected along the guardrail. In most cases guardrails would not be able to withstand the impact of a vehicle just by the strength of the individual posts in the area hit by the vehicle. Instead, the guardrail is effectively one strong band that transfers the force of the vehicle to multiple posts beyond the impact area or into a ground anchor at the end of the guardrail. Newer concrete barriers, while are usually strong enough to withstand direct hits by cars, still work on a similar principle in deflecting heavier vehicles such as trucks. There are four general types of roadway barriers, cable and wood posts, “W” beam & “Tri” beam steel and wood/metal posts, steel box-beam.

San Bar has installed/repaired hundreds of miles of guardrail throughout New Mexico in all types of situations for customers such as the New Mexico Department of Transportation, Contractors, Cities, Counties and private individuals.

We keep a huge inventory of guardrail on hand with all of the components for any type of installation. We have the equipment at our facility to custom bend standard guardrail to meet your specific radius needs.

San Bar currently has a State Price Agreement for the installation of Guardrails, Barrier Cable and Components.

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Message & Arrow board Repairs: 

San Bar has a department dedicated strictly for the diagnoses, service and repair of any make or model of boards that you may have in your fleet.  With the newer electronics installed in today’s equipment it is getting harder and harder to fix these electronics. Lots of times we can fix the problem right here at our facility and have the equipment back to you within a short period of time.  This saves you time and money and keeps your jobs moving forward.  But, if there is something that cannot be fixed at our facility San Bar has a strong relationship with all of the various manufacturers and can get them involved quickly to resolve the problem. Give us a call maybe we can help over the phone, if not bring in your equipment and let us get it repaired and back on the job.

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Overhead Sign Structures:

Sign structures come in 3 different styles; Cantilever, Bridge or Butterfly (“T” shape) and in various sizes ranging from 18” in diameter up to the larger 40” diameter structures.The basic components of any sign structure installation consist of a drilled shaft; rebar cage, bolt assembly, 3000 psi concrete, sign structure and the sign(s) themselves.  Some drilled shafts can reach up to 65’ in depth depending on the terrain and size of the structure.  Anyone who has traveled the interstate systems here in New Mexico has either passed by or gone under a sign structure that San Bar has installed.  Variable Message Systems are becoming more popular across the States interstate system and San Bar is installing the structure for these as well.

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Roadway Signs:

The functions of signs are to provide regulations, warning and guidance information to the traveling public. Words, symbols and arrows are used in the manufacturing of signs to convey the message.  Because the requirements and standards for signs depend on the particular type of roadway upon which they are being used, there are many variables to signs available.  It is recognized that city traffic conditions are different from those in rural settings, and in most cases signs are made and located differently. San Bar is constantly updating our procedures and materials to insure that we meet or exceed the specifications of your project.  We also stay current with the regulations in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Standards (MUTCD) to insure your signs will be compliant with both local and national standards.

San Bar takes great pride in our 7,200 square foot state-of-the-art sign shop.  We can manufacture and install any type of sign from a single Handicap sign to the largest overhead freeway sign structure.  Not only do we produce and install standard signs we can also manufacture and install custom signs as well in all shapes and sizes.

These are a few of the other products that our sign shop makes as well;

  • Banners
  • Interstate Logos
  • Political Signs
  • Way finder signs
  • Digital Large Format Print Signs
  • GIS Addressing Signs
  • And Much More……..

We have the largest fleet of sign installation equipment in the State of New Mexico so we can tackle any project large or small.

Give our Estimators a call and let us help you on your next sign project.

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Striping is one of the most important components of any roadway project.  Without the striping there are no guidelines for the traveling public to follow.  On a new construction project the permanent striping is typically one of the last components of the project.  We realize that a good or bad striping job can make or break your project.  San Bar’s primary focus is to give you the best striping the first time so as to make your project something we both can be proud of.  San Bar currently holds the contract and does maintenance striping for the New Mexico Department of Transportation for the entire state.  Highway, City, County & Airport Striping, we can do it all.  If you have a 15 stall parking lot or hundreds of miles of longline roadway San Bar can meet your needs on time and within your budget.  Based on volume San bar is one of the largest striping companies in the entire Southwest.Listed below are some of the typical striping applications for the New Mexico market:

  • Hot applied Thermoplastic Pavement Markings
  • Painted Pavement Markings
  • Preformed (Tape) Pavement Markings
  • Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings
  • Contrast Pavement Markings
  • Raised and Recessed Pavement Markers

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The process of waterblasting quickly and completely removes all types of durable traffic markings from asphalt and concrete applications while not adversely affecting road surfaces even if that surface is grooved or very porous.  The removal of all forms of durable traffic markings from all surfaces has never been so quick, clean and cost efficient.  Waterblasting leaves very little to no confusing marks (scars) on your roadway, no re-surfacing and no secondary clean-up or sweeping is needed with our equipment.  San Bar has the only (Waterblaster) piece of equipment in the State of New Mexico with a full reclamation system; whatever the equipment removes is immediately suctioned into the additional holding tank on the back of the truck and is taken off of the project for proper disposal.  Unlike the older systems that merely remove the traffic markings leaving them on road thus requiring an additional costly cleanup process afterwards.  San Bar’s “Stripe Hog” has a double 8” head on the front of the truck so the machine can remove a 16” wide line in one pass saving both time and money.  The water pressure out of the equipment can be adjusted between 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi.  With this type of equipment we can be as delicate or aggressive as needed to complete the removal.  The current standard with the New Mexico D.O.T. for traffic marking removal requires that this process be used for both temporary and permanent marking removal.

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Cable Barrier: Installation & Repair

Cable barrier is a type of roadside or median safety barrier. It consists of steel wire ropes mounted on weak posts. As is the case with any roadside barrier, its primary purpose is to prevent a vehicle from striking a fixed object or terrain feature that is less forgiving than itself when it leaves the roadway.  Also similar to most roadside barriers, cable barriers function by capturing and/or redirecting the errant vehicle.  Cable barriers systems are relatively inexpensive to install and very effective at capturing vehicles, their use is becoming increasingly prevalent across the country.  The most popular use of the cable barrier system occurs in the medians of divided highways.  Given the high speeds of opposing traffic on divided highways, cross median crashes are particularly severe. While the width of the median plays a large role in the occurrence of these crashes, increased width alone does not eliminate the vehicle from crossing over.  Quite often the median must be shielded with a barrier as well. Cable barriers provide a cost-effective solution to this shielding issue.

The system is more forgiving than traditional concrete (jersey) barriers or steel barrier used today and remain effective when installed on sloping terrain. The flexibility of the system absorbs impact energy and dissipates it laterally, which reduces the forces transmitted to the vehicle occupants.

Although cable barriers have been used since the 1960s it was not until the mid-1990s that many departments of transportation began to deploy them with any regularity.

San Bar currently issues competitive bids for repairs and installations of cable barrier systems.  We also have several State Price Agreements for Hi-Tension and Cable Barrier (for both Materials & Installation) at our disposal, so call our Estimators for a quote.

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Rumble Bars

Rumble bars are based on a series of raised “bumps” or indents (milled grooves) along the shoulder or centerline of a road. When a vehicle passes over the rumble bars, it creates vibration and makes a “rumble” noise, alerting the driver.  There have been hundreds of studies on rumble bar installations, the cost-benefits of installing rumble bars, accident prevention studies, and much more. Most of the studies find that rumble bars do, in fact, reduce crashes, which ultimately reduce fatalities.

San Bar can provide milled rumble bars on both the shoulder and/or centerline according to your specifications; we can also contract to do the sweeping of the millings, haul away and dump the millings for you as well.
Our equipment and operators are the best in business; this means each rumble bar is consistently cut to specification.  Using our equipment means we can cut the rumble bars faster, creating less traffic disturbance on your roads and assuring you that we’ll get the job done on time and in a safe and efficient manner.

Solar Powered Arrow Boards

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  • Comes equipped with one high output 55 or 75 watt solar panel mounted above the arrow board in a pivot frame for continuous charging while operating or stored.
  • Equipped with 4- 6vDC deep cycle lead acid golf cart type batteries wired for 12vDC power
  • Longer life than 12vDC, 4D, or 8D batteries
  • Lighter weight = less back strain when servicing unit