Rumble Bars

Rumble bars are based on a series of raised “bumps” or indents (milled grooves) along the shoulder or centerline of a road. When a vehicle passes over the rumble bars, it creates vibration and makes a “rumble” noise, alerting the driver.  There have been hundreds of studies on rumble bar installations, the cost-benefits of installing rumble bars, accident prevention studies, and much more. Most of the studies find that rumble bars do, in fact, reduce crashes, which ultimately reduce fatalities.

San Bar can provide milled rumble bars on both the shoulder and/or centerline according to your specifications; we can also contract to do the sweeping of the millings, haul away and dump the millings for you as well.
Our equipment and operators are the best in business; this means each rumble bar is consistently cut to specification.  Using our equipment means we can cut the rumble bars faster, creating less traffic disturbance on your roads and assuring you that we’ll get the job done on time and in a safe and efficient manner.