The process of waterblasting quickly and completely removes all types of durable traffic markings from asphalt and concrete applications while not adversely affecting road surfaces even if that surface is grooved or very porous.  The removal of all forms of durable traffic markings from all surfaces has never been so quick, clean and cost efficient.  Waterblasting leaves very little to no confusing marks (scars) on your roadway, no re-surfacing and no secondary clean-up or sweeping is needed with our equipment.  San Bar has the only (Waterblaster) piece of equipment in the State of New Mexico with a full reclamation system; whatever the equipment removes is immediately suctioned into the additional holding tank on the back of the truck and is taken off of the project for proper disposal.  Unlike the older systems that merely remove the traffic markings leaving them on road thus requiring an additional costly cleanup process afterwards.  San Bar’s “Stripe Hog” has a double 8” head on the front of the truck so the machine can remove a 16” wide line in one pass saving both time and money.  The water pressure out of the equipment can be adjusted between 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi.  With this type of equipment we can be as delicate or aggressive as needed to complete the removal.  The current standard with the New Mexico D.O.T. for traffic marking removal requires that this process be used for both temporary and permanent marking removal.

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