Roadway Signs: The functions of signs are to provide regulations, warning and guidance to the traveling public. Words, symbols and arrows in the manufacturing of to convey the message. The requirements and standards for depend on the particular type of roadway. There are many variables to signs available. City traffic conditions are different from those in rural settings. In most cases they are made and located differently. San Bar updates our procedures and materials to meet or exceed the specifications of your project. We stay current with the regulations in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Standards (MUTCD). This will insure you will be compliant with both local and national standards.

Road signs for all purposes..

San Bar takes great pride in our 7,200 square foot state-of-the-art sign shop. We manufacture and install any type of sign. From a single Handicap sign to the largest overhead freeway sign structure. We produce and install standard signs. We can also manufacture and install custom signs as well in all shapes and sizes.

These are a few of the other products that our sign shop makes as well;

Interstate Logos
Political Signs
Way finder signs
Digital Large Format Print Signs
GIS Addressing Signs
And Much More……..
We have the largest fleet of sign installation equipment in the State of New Mexico so we can tackle any project large or small.

Give our Estimators a call and let us help you on your next sign project.

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