George Thompson

1 Georgecropped smallGeorge Thompson – Warehouse Manager

George came to NM in 1969 from Chicago, but when asked he says he is a New Mexico native. During his formative years, his family was stationed in Germany, and George has many fond memories of that time. George started working in this industry in 1984. He joined the San Bar team in 1996.  As the Warehouse Manager, there are few things that happen on the operations side of San Bar that does not go through George. From vendors to suppliers, to truck drivers, anyone that has dealt with San Bar over the years knows George and makes a point to say hi to him.


George enjoys spending time with his grandkids and being involved in their activities (he says he is the “Grandpa for Fun”).  George also developed a love for golf, and anyone who has played golf with him would say he swings a pretty good club.